Who I Am

My name is Justin Wheeler and I'm a graduating computer science student who is looking for a programming job. I'm a fast-learner, but am already proficient in C# and Unity.

What I Do

During the day I'm a data analyst at First American Data Tree. Here I work directly with customers and provide quality historic documents through advanced image editing software known as Quantum Process.
By night I'm a game developer looking for employment in the industry and working on small scale games in Unity using C#.

Where I Am

I currently reside in Victorville, CA (92392) and work in Rancho Cucamonga, CA (91730). Although, once I find employment I intend to relocate closer to my career; so distance isn't an issue.

When I Started Programming

I started programming when I was in High School, but my experience in programming launguages and game engines vary. Check it out!

→ C#
→ JavaScript

Game Engine

→  2013-2016
→  2012-2013
→  2011-2012

Why I Program

I program because I love it! There is something about bringing ideas to life that I don't get anywhere else. It's a sensation of wonder and power that always keeps me coming back.

How I Feel

I feel excited and determined!
→Excited to start my career in the game development industry.
→Determined to succeed in the industry and learn everything I can about programming and game development.
Bringing Ideas to Life