When considering the type of company I wanted to start I brainstormed what I enjoy doing and I how I can improve the world. Seeing as my greatest strength is computer programming I wanted to take a technological approach. Ultimately, I decided upon developing software and games.

I completed a Bachelor's program in Game Deisgn and Development, which granted me vast knowledge into the video game industry and knowing how much good comes out of video games I decided that I wanted game development to be an active part of this company.

On the other hand, I know that there are a lot of people who depend and/or can benefit from new and revolutionary software. These reasons have led me to also include software development into the company as well.

Key Components

The company consists of 2 main parts: Dub Development, which focuses on the software aspect of the company, and Dub Game Development, which focuses on the game aspect of the company.

Bringing Ideas to Life